Maintaining Viable Commercial Interest in Bennett's Creek

A look at the financial plan for CHANNEL DREDGING is included in the City of Suffolk's Annual Operating Budget and Outyear Plans. The 2006/2007 Budget can be viewed at

The budget is the primary means by which the complicated process of dredging begins and is regularly re-initiated. See pages 34, 35 and 37 of the previous link. Bennett Creek was last dredged in Dec 2006. A look at the previous Budget shows the city put forth $260,000. What is not shown is that the Fed Government (Army Corps of Engineers) put up $390,000. Per this budget & plan, the City has scheduled $400,000 in 2011 for "Channel Dredging". The Fed Government is expected to provide $600,000 based on this LCA and the support from local city and congressional leaders.

I would like to reiterate the importance of maintaining the commercial vitality of Bennett Creek to ensure this financial partnership between the City of Suffolk and the Federal Government (Army Corps of Engineers). We need to maintain and/or encourage new commercial interest in our precious waterway.

As a final note, the FOBC whose mission is dedicated to preserving Bennett Creek as a navigable waterway, supporting both recreational and commercial interests, recently enlisted Cub Scout Pack 259 to assist members with its bi-annual clean-up of our waterway. We had a lot of fun stomping through the mud and picking up much discarded treasures. I do believe these young men were awarded the highly desired "River Star Badge" for their hard work. As you can in the picture above, by the time we took this shot most of the FOBC crew had departed. Thank you Pack 259 for your work and enthusiasm.


Neil Wilson
Friends of Bennet Creek