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For informational purposes only, the main pier at the BCL Marina is located approx 2.24' above MHHW (or 5' above MLLW). Tidal range (GT) is 2.76'.  The max tide recorded in 8/23/33 was 5.26' above MHHW (or 8.02' above MLLW). Reference Source.

Past storm Pictures: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6, Movie 1, Movie 2


See the following NWS Tide Prediction chart for Sewell’s Point for more information. 

See the following NWS Wind Prediction chart for more information: Select WIND SPEED, zoom into our area and click on AREA OF INTEREST (i.e., James River, Bennetts Creek, etc. ), then click on HOURLY GRAPH.



Storm Preperations Procedure

1. When a huricane or sever weather approaches, make preparations to safeguard your boat and secure any potential loose items (e.g., bimini/canvas boat covers, dock boxes, loose finger piers, etc.).  Electric power to the marina will be turned off when water levels begin to rise above the main pier. 

If your boat becomes dislodged during the storm, it suffer significant damage, damage other boats and/or marina structure.  With such a large storm looming, consider removing anything at the marina that can be removed.  If you have a trailerable boat, consider trailering it.  A strap tied around it is no guarantee it will not be thrown about by wave/wind action.  If you decide to keep your boat on a lift, raise it to a height that wave action will not hit the boat’s bottom.  If you have a sailboat that cannot be trailered, consider your options.  Talk with one another and devise a plan.  As a minimum, secure the boat with multiple / appropriate sized “dock” lines.  Consult your insurance company to discuss requirements during a named hurricane.  Take pictures of your boat and any recent upgrades for insurance claim purposes.  As a final warning, once high winds arrive, there is little chance of moving or repositioning your boat. 


2. Secure electrical power to the marina.

3. Relocate the Dock cart closer to the shoreline. 

4. Secure the Floating dock. 

5. Secure the Pump out / hose. 

6. Inspect and secure any loose deck boards or girders.


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