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Previous dredge: Dec 6, 2006 (Bucket dredge)

Most recent dredge: April 21, 2013 (Currituck dredge). This is a two part dredge. Phase 1 begins in April. Phase 2 is scheduled for Oct 2013. Planned channel depth when completed will be 6'.

Most recent channel depth survey: July 17, 2016

(ACORPS Survey of 7-19-16)

Please be advised of shallow water conditions, particularly during low tides, and strong southwest winds.  Having been involved with Bennett's Creek dredging operations since 2004 and knowing our last dredge occurred in April 2013, it is advised that we (City of Suffolk, ACORPS and FOBC) should initiate efforts to discuss, fund and execute another dredge during CY18.  

Funding for the next dredge:
Funding approved per Suffolk's Suffolk 2012-2021 Capital Improvement Plan (see page 29).

Next Dredging Operation needed by: 2018 (Every 4-6 years, based on historical data.)

Next Dredging Operation scheduled for:
Not yet scheduled.