Events Leading to the Dredge of
May 1992

Aug 16, 1983

Colonel R. E. Hudson (Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District) to  Johnny S. Joannou (House of Delegates).  The Suffolk City Manager, via separate correspondence, initiates a request to the Corps of Engineers to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of alleviating navigational problems in Bennett Creek, under Section 107 of the 1960 River and Harbor Act. <Letter> 

Johny S. Joannou
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July 15, 1984 

The Sun – Creekside Restaurant and Marina discusses proposed project to dredge Bennett Creek as key to commercial expansion. <Newspaper Article>

Oct 4, 1984

John Rowe (City Manager) to Walter Price (Bennett Creek Resident).  City requests names of individuals who would support the dredging of Bennett Creek.  (Historical note: This request prompts Walter Price to informally organize and head up a group of interested residents and businessmen, later be referred to as the “Bennett Creek Dredge Group.”) <Letter>

Nov 21,1985

The Sun – “After two decades of waiting, Bennets Creek is closer now than ever to being dredged.” <Front Page-Newspaper Article> 

Apr 17, 1986

Suffolk City Manger to Paul S. Trible, Jr. (US Senator). City request congressional assistance in objecting to the proposed Senate Bill 1567, Water Resources Development Act, which suggests the non-federal sponsor (i.e., City of Suffolk) pay 100% of maintenance cost for recreational projects.  These new policies affect a most important project in Suffolk, specifically the dredging of Bennett Creek. <Letter> 

Apr 20,1986 

The Sun – City Council votes to commit $100,000 in local share for dredging the mouth of Bennett Creek. <Newspaper Article> 

Jun 17,1986 

Norman Sisisky to Walter Price (Bennett Creek Dredge Group).  Status of Senate Bill 1567 provided.  <Letter>  

Nov 24-26, 1986

Paul Trible, Jr. (US Senate) and  Norman Sisisky (US Congress) to  Chris Jones (Suffolk) and  Johnny Joannou (House of Delegates).  Letters reports the Corps of Engineers will continue the feasibility for dredging Bennett Creek following concerns for locating a suitable dredged material disposal site.  <11/24letter>  <11/26 letter>   

Aug 8, 1989

Colonel Terrence C. Salt (Department of the Army, Washington DC) to  Charles Robb (US Senate).  The draft of Detailed Project Study and Environmental Assessment – Navigation Study of Bennett Creek has been prepared and submitted to North Atlantic Division Office for review.  <Letter>  

Feb 14,1991

Corps of Engineers and City of Suffolk Correspondences.   Release of President’s Bushes Federal Budget for FY 1992 critically curtails the Corps Continuing Authority Small Navigation Programs in FY 92 and beyond.  Due to the lack of federal funding the Bennett Creek Dredge Project, being conducted under Section 107 of the River and Harbor Act of 1960 is terminated.  (Historical note: Federal funding cuts attributed to Operation Desert Storm.) <2/14 letter>  <2/25 letters(2)>

Feb 19, 1991

City of Suffolk Correspondences to Colonel Richard C. Johns (Corps of Engineers), John W. Warner (US Senator), Norman Sisisky (US Representative) and Charles S. Robb (US Senator). The City of Suffolk has been pursuing the dredging of Bennett Creek since 1959 and remains committed to the project.  SUFFOLK expresses disappointment in termination of the project and REQUESTS CONGRESSIONAL ASSISTANCE TO RESTORE FEDERAL FUNDING. <Letters(4)>

Mar 6,1991

Norman Sisisky and Senator John Warner to City of Suffolk, Edward Dickey (Acting Asst Secretary of the Army) and Richard Darman (Office of Management and Budget).   Corps and City have worked together since 1983 to restore the Bennett Creek Channel to 6 feet and have committed cash ($158,000 by the City), lands, easements, rights of way relocation, and disposal costs.  The federal share of the project is $343,000.   REQUEST MADE TO REVIEW THE PROJECT AND RESTORE FEDERAL FUNDING. <Letters(3)> 

Apr 22, 1991

Edward Dickey (Acting Asst Secretary of the Army) to the  Norman Sisisky.  Pursuant to the FY 1991 Dire Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, Public Law 102-27, FEDERAL FUNDS WILL BE RELEASED to complete the plans and specifications Phase of the Bennett Creek Project.  <Letter> 

Apr 30, 1991

Robert Nelms (Consultant) to Ann Loomis and John W. Warner (US Senate).  Recognition of federal funding being made available and a summary of the process required to complete the Bennett Creek Project. <Letter>  

Jun 25, 1991

City Council issues report on the Bennett Creek Dredge Project outlining City Requirements, Plans and Specifications, Local Cooperation Agreement, and Funding.  <Council Report>  

Jun 27, 1991

City Manger to City Council requesting Work Session Agenda include consideration and direction in regards to the City’s estimated share of $168,400 to fund the 1992 Bennett Creek dredging project.  <Letter> 

July 4, 1991

Suffolk News–Herald:  Suffolk City Council OKs Dredging Plan.  <Front Page Newspaper Article> 

Oct 17,1991


May 7, 1992

WESCAR Corporation, Notification of intent to dredge the Bennett Creek Channel. <Letter>  

May 20-31,1992


June 22,1992

Dredging operations conducted May 20-31,1992 and involves dredging of ~ 61,999 cubic yards of material at an estimated total cost $553,000.00.  <Fact Sheet> 

June 22, 1992

INVITATION. BENNETT CREEK NAVIGATION PROJECT DEDICATION AND RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY. <Invitation> <Video: Television Report> <Photo 1> <Photo 2> <Photo 4> <Photo 5> <Photo 8> <Photo 9> <Photo 10>