Events Leading to the Dredge of
July 2003

May 1, 2001

FOBC sends Letter of Appreciation to all who have served to maintain Bennett Creek since 1983. 

Nov 29, 2001

FOBC, under leadership of Sheila Neal, files ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION as a non-profit organization and receives its CERTIFICATE from the State Corporation Commission.  

Oct 2001

Markers (PVC poles) are installed to assist locating the dredged channel area.  Plans made to install additional poles and to mark them all with green or red reflective tape. 

Jan 28, 2002

FOBC web site is launched.

Feb 6, 2002

Members raise funds to support FOBC initiatives.  Thanks to Sonny Hines-Farley Offshore Yachts, Bennett Creek Landing Boat Slip Owners' Association, John & Bonnie Sims, John & Chrys Evans, Dena Hall and Steve Lapinel, Neil & Carol Wilson and Gary & Sheila Neal.

Aug 19, 2002

FOBC informs the Army Corps of Engineers that the depth of water in the channel during periods of low tide is  less than 4 feet and recommends dredging be accomplished ASAP.  This process requires water survey's to be conducted and evaluated by the Corps.  Once the condition is verified, the Corps will officially notify the City of Suffolk of the need to dredge.  Funding from both organizations must be secured and approved and the process for soliciting and contracting a dredging company must be accomplished.

Mar 19, 2003

City of Suffolk approves funding for Summer 2003 dredging operation.  Special thanks to Suffolk's Jeff Ryan and City Council.

Mar 26, 2003

FOBC members purchase signs which will be placed along Bennett Creek Entrance Channel and local marinas.  Signs convey information regarding dredging, the FOBC organization & web site information.  <Link to Sign>

Jun 19, 2003

FOBC Forwards a request to the City of Suffolk requesting additional Navigational Markers be located along the 3/4 mile long stretch of the Bennett Creek entrance channel. <Link to Letter>

Jun 19, 2003

The cost of dredging is split 60-40 between the Federal Government (Army Corps of Engineers) and the City. The Corps currently does not include the Bennett Creek Dredge Project as a line item in their annual budget. Dredge Funds from the Corps is only made available with excess funds and can not be guaranteed when the need for dredging arises. The City does provide regular funding for their portion of the dredge in their Capital Improvement Plan.  The Suffolk City Managers Office (Jeff Ryan, Sr. Administrative Analysts) agreed to initiate contact with Senator Randy Forbes and/or other congressional leaders, with the anticipation that we might be able to acquire regular and specific Federal funding for the the Army Corps of Engineers' Bennett Creek Dredge Project. This is the final pieces of the puzzle that would make this entire dredging process more automatic. Right now, we have no dedicated funding from the Corps.

July 2-8, 2003