Events Leading to the Dredge of
December 1997

March 7, 1996

Corps of Engineers to the City of Suffolk.  Notification for a need to dredge the channel based on a August, 1995 survey.  Survey indicated shoaling in the channel and depth reduced form 6 feet in 1992 to 4 feet. <Letter>  

Feb 11, 1997

Hines-Farley Offshore Yachts, Inc to City of Suffolk.  Notification of immediate needs to re-dredge Bennett Creek and request for City to take action.  <Letter> 

May 23, 1997

City of Suffolk letter of Intent to Corps of Engineers recognizing commitment of funds. ($50,000 in FY 1999-2000 and $175,000 in FY 2000-2001 based on April 2, 1997 City Council Approval of Capital Improvement Plan 1997-1998 through 2006-2007.)  <Letter> 

July 16 & 17,1997

Virginian Pilot Newspaper: City Council considers and votes to support resolution that split cost with the Corps of Engineers to re-dredge Bennett Creek.   <7/16 Article>   <7/17 Article>

July 20,1997

Virginian Pilot Newspaper: The economic impact of maintaining Bennett Creek on Hines-Farley Off Shore Yachts, Inc. <Article>

August 1997

Army Corps Report. Bennett Creek Dredge Group, headed by Buck Tysor, organize a meeting at the Bennett Creek Landing clubhouse to discuss the current condition of the channel and the immediate need to dredge.  Suffolk City Officials and the Corps of Engineers were in attendance.  (Per Army Corps report.)  

Fall 1997

Army Corps report. Suffolk City council votes to approve the appropriation of $85,000 to cover the city’s share of dredging.  

November 1997

Army Corps report. Army Corps of Engineers obtains permission (one time waiver) from DEQ to support need for immediate dredge and a 10-year maintenance-dredging permit to cover future dredging operations.  

December 3-12,1997

(Per Army Corps report)