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Membership Application Form

  • FOBC members are requested to report any navigational hazards such as shallow water depth inside the channel, stranded boats (typically outside channel boundaries), and/or missing or damaged navigational markers.

  • Provide assistance of any boater who has run aground, typically those who have run outside the channel boundaries. Report any such grounding to the FOBC for documentation purposes.

  • Members are urged to help preserve the channel by navigating entirely within its boundaries.  

  • FOBC will keep you informed of channel conditions, FOBC meetings, and other information as it is made available.

  • As a member, your name will automatically be included on the list of supporters who desire to keep Bennett Creek open for safe navigation.  

  • Members are urged to identify any errors with our web site and provide suggestions for organizational improvements.

  • Volunteers are needed and appreciated.  Tasks may involve attending a city council meeting on behalf of FOBC, assisting with the maintenance of navigational markers along the channel banks, or helping to assemble FOBC related activities. (e.g., FOBC sponsored activities, fishing tournaments or membership drives.)

  • FOBC is a growing organization.  Although membership is free, some of our projects do cost money.  Financial contributions are appreciated.

  • Finally, we request that you share this opportunity with others and ask that they too will join us.

  • Membership Levels: 1 - Leadership role, attends all meetings, regular financial contributors, receives continuous updates, 2- Does not seek leadership position, supports general meetings, provides some financial support, and is notified of important news/events. 3 - Fully supports the FOBC but does not seek an active role.   

Active FOBC Members
The following is a list of supporters who have requested their name be posted on our web site.  
A complete list of supporters is maintained by the FOBC committee.

(Last updated: Jan 08, 2006)

Level 1 Members

Level 2 Members

Level 3 Members

Beard, Bobby & Susannah

James L. Pittman
109 Riverside Dr.

Franklin Bogus

Clarence Dellinger
107 Windy Point Dr

Carpenter, Michael

C. Satterwhite
113 Riverside Dr.

Richard Doerner

Clayton H. Watt
104 Lookout Circle

Evans, John & Chrys

Kaye Makarski
111 Lookout Circle

Felton, Gayle

Laura Swindell
105 Lookout Circle

Forbes, Dan

Jim Swindell
105 Lookout Circle

Hillard, Pat & Kollette

Pat Powell
104 Seabreeze Ln

Holt, Robert & Kerry

Ann Coon
110 Bennetts Creek Landing

Hurf, Sr. Hinton

Teresa C Henrichs
116 Bennetts Creek Landing

Johnson, Phillip & Carol

John R. Mitchell
117 Windy Point Dr.

Leinwand, Edward & Betty 

Jeffrey Lynch

113 Windy Point Drive


Linton, Brad

Dallas Ellis
106 Riverside Dr

Lynch, Jeffrey

Merrill, Craig

Jimmy L. Wilson
106 Windy Point Dr

Mitchell, John

Brenda J. Liston
114 Riverside Dr

Mizelle, Bob

Jim Fauceth
113 Windy Point Dr

Neal, Sheila & Gary

Rosemarie Ricciardi
106 Bennetts Creek Landing

Norcross, John 

Theresa Maddrey
112 Bennetts Creek Landing

O'Dawee, Nick

Dennis D Hendrichs
116 Bennetts Creek Landing
Price, Walter

Janet Porritt
114 Windy Point Dr

Quinn, Dennis

Richard Porritt
114 Windy Point Dr

Roblee, Chris

Suzanne Turner
100 Lookout Circle

Rogers, Jeff

Lennie Blanchart
104 Seabreeze Ln

Scott, Paul Franklin Boring
100 Riverside Dr

Simms, John

Shela Mitchel
117 Windy Point Dr

Tysor, Buck

Lissa A Cash
111 Seqabreeze Ln

Vann, Calvin & Dottie

Belna D Thomas
8 Exeter Cr, Ches.
Varner, Richard

Webb, Gary & Gerry

Wilson, Adrian & Haleigh

Wilson, Neil & Carol