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Objective #2 : Promote the enjoyment of Bennett Creek through safe and preservation-minded recreational usage.

Bennett Creek is a great asset to the City of Suffolk. The City's new Greenways nature trails project follows portions of the creek and stops in at Bennett's Creek Park, along its shores. A leisurely trip along the waters of Bennett Creek promises a view of nature not often seen and is a must for nature-minded visitors to Suffolk. 

More than a gateway to the waters of the Nansemond and James Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay, Bennett Creek is one of Suffolk's most scenic natural areas. Its waters harbor a bounty of blue crab and the plentiful croaker and spot, popular with fishermen. The mature trees that line its shores are home to colonies of the beautiful great blue heron and the great egret. Deer and other wildlife are often seen at dusk, feeding among the marsh grasses. 

With the Constant's Wharf facilities closed due to construction, the City recommends use of the boat ramp at Bennett's Creek Park for those desiring free public access to the city's waterways. The city-owned boat ramp along with the ramp at Harbour Side Restaurant & Marina, provide access to the natural beauty of Bennett Creek, its plentiful fishing and other recreational opportunities and access to the waters beyond. Bennett Creek is recognized, not only by those who live near and love the creek, but also by the city's management and elected officials, as one of Suffolk's greatest treasures.

Members of the Friends of Bennett Creek strive to maintain access to this unique waterway.